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About Us

Sports Master Australia was established in 1985 by Homa Alenaddaf a keen martial artist with over 40 years experience in the martial arts industry.

Sports Master operated as primarily a manufacturing company producing many of their items in Wollongong NSW Australia but soon outgrew their setup and had to move much of the manufacturing operations to company owned plants in Vietnam and China.

Today Sports Master has become a total supplier of all types of martial arts and fitness products catering for the largest variety of sports in the marketplace and carrying a range of over 2000 different sports related products for all of your sporting needs.

Because of the success of Sports Master Australia’s products in the Australian and Asia pacific market in 2000 we established our international trademark to market our products to the world under the brand name of “Sports master Athletics International” or SMAI for short. The success of SMAI has been closely linked to the development of new products and Partnerships with the largest martial arts organizations in the world such as:


  • World Karate Federation: Since 2003 SMAI has been an official manufacturer of WKF approved uniforms and equipment making SMAI one of only 3 companies with the rights to manufacture and market WKF approved items internationally. With the sponsorship of several WKF world champions such as Wayne Otto and Junior Lefrevre we have improved the profile of SMAI.

SMAI WKF products are sold in over 30 countries internationally.

  • World Taekwondo Federation: Since 2002 SMAI has been a recognized supplier of WTF approved equipment and uniforms and the only company to manufacture approved uniforms from 2002-2004. through our partnership with the WTF we have sponsored many TKD national teams such as Ireland, Turkey, Iran, Australia, China, Chinese Taipei, Finland, Sweden, New Zealand and many others.


SMAI also secured the rights to be the only Dobok supplier to the Athens 2004 Olympic games which boosted SMAI into an internationally recognized brand name.

SMAI WTF products are available internationally.

  • International Judo Federation: Since 2002 SMAI has been a recognized manufacturer of IJF approved Judo uniforms with major sales of Judo gi in Australia, Middle east and USA.

SMAI manufactures many styles of judo gi meeting or exceeding the standards set out by the IJF.

As the martial arts industry is changing it is becoming increasingly important that all instructors use only approved products which have been tested for safety purposes to ensure that the user be protected at all times. In all international and national tournaments from 2006 if a practitioner is not wearing approved equipment they will be automatically disqualified from participating because of safety reasons.

SMAI has taken steps to ensure the long term success of being in the martial arts and fitness industry by securing rights and approvals and invested time and money into the development of new products such as our Athens 2004 Olympic Stretch Dobok which is unique to SMAI.

Our Aim at SMAI is to provide our customers and Agents with the highest quality of products in a wide variety of categories and sports. We also constantly strive to improve our products and services and help to promote the SMAI brand name internationally at the highest levels of competition making SMAI the standard for Martial arts innovation, style and design.