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Jigsaw Mat - 4cm SMAI


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SMAI Reversible Uni Log Jigsaw Mat, all four sides of each mat interlock making it easier to lay and ideal to make patterns or borders. Tested and approved to Australian Standards. Price displayed is for 1 x single mat (1m x 1m)


Brendan O'Reilly,
UFC fighter, Coach at Gamebred Combat Club.

I've been using the SMAI 4cm jigsaw mats in my gym, Gamebred Combat Club, for a number of years, and their quality is second to none. They are a great training surface for MMA, Jiu Jitsu and Muay thai, offering a safe training environment at an affordable price. To top it off they are simple and easy to clean, perfect for a martial arts gym or home training set-up".


SMAI 40mm Jigsaw mat is a market leader in Safety flooring achieving the highest EVA Safety flooring critical fall height rating of 1.7m. This mat has also been tested to meet European safety standards and passed on all levels.

This is the ideal Jigsaw mat for all martial arts practice specially for all grappling, BJJ and MMA applications as it has the highest level of safety possible. SMAI 40mm mats come with 3 standard pieces of edging to fill in the edges for a professional and safe finish. Ramped edging can also be purchased as the height of the mat alone posses a workplace safety / public liability risk and the ramps can be easily attached to smooth the height transition between the floor and the mats (40mm).
SMAI 40mm mats are used by the Australian Federal Police, NSW Police, NSW Corrective services, Australian Armed Forces and many other premium centers throughout Australia.

  • Composition: EVA
  • Fitting: Reversible
  • Colour: Red/Blue
  • Size: 1m x 1m x 40mm
  • Edges: 3 pieces per mat included
  • Hardness: 50 Degrees Shore A
  • Finish: Tatami Pattern
  • Carton: 105 x 105 x 22cm (22kg) 5 pieces per carton
  • Testing: ASTM F963-03 (Physical and mechanical properties: PASS) EN 71 Part 1 : 1998 PASS, ASTM F963-03 Section 4.3.5 (Heavy Metal Content : PASS),  U.S. (CPSC) 16 CFR Part 1500.3 (Flammability Test: Pass), EN71: Part 2: 2003 (Flammability test : PASS), EN 71 : Part 2 : 2003 (Migration of certain Elements : PASS), U.S. (CPSC) 16 CFR Part 1303 (Total Lead Content Pb : Pass)
  • AS/NZS 4422: 1996 (Amdt 1/1999) (Critical fall height: 1.7m). “Toxic Formamide testing Pass” 

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Clean mats with a warm damp mop using a PH neutral disinfectant. Do not place heavy objects on the mats as this will cause a permanent indentation on the surface area of the mat, Sharp or blunt objects will damage and puncture the mat surface. It is also recommended that shoes not be worn on the mats as the rubber on the shoes will scratch and scuff the surface of the mat and cause cosmetic damage.


SMAI Jigsaw mats are the premium closed cell EVA jigsaw mats available in the market. They have been successfully meeting the demands of the Martial Arts market for over 25 years. Industry thickness trends are as follows:

  • Karate, boxing and kickboxing: 20mm thickness is sufficient
  • For styles involving grappling or Ground work 30mm or 40mm would be suitable as they have been tested to Australian Standards AS/NZS 4422:1996 (Amdt 1/1999) for a greater Critical fall height and level of impact absorption.

All SMAI Jigsaw mats are produced 100% Free of Toxic Formamide which can be found in cheap, lower quality mats in the marketplace. SMAI Jigsaw mats have a universal fitting system unique to SMAI which allows the user to reverse the colour of any single tile in an arrangement irrespective of the other tiles which allows you the freedom of not only a quick installation but also the freedom to change your pattern (colour arrangement) quickly and easily as the mats are all double colour in design

Wacoku mat design logs can be reversed (used on both sides) however unlike the universal design of the most recent Jigsaw mats we offer, the entire mat has to be turned over in order to have the opposite side showing. The mats are also solid in colour and are not reversible in colour. Quality and density between both models of mats are the exact same only the fitting pattern (Jigsaw Logs) and surface pattern (finish) are different. The safety level is in relation to the mat’s thickness, with 40mm having the safest critical fall height result.

SMAI Jigsaw mats have a warranty for any manufacturing faults for up to 12 months from the date of purchase, anything after this time would be considered normal wear and tear issue. If for some reason during the warranted period your jigsaw mats deteriorate abnormally, images of the proposed damage are required to be supplied for inspection. With these images SMAI will determine whether the damage is the cause of a manufacturing fault or misuse. In the event the product damage is deemed to be caused by a manufacturing fault, a replacement of the damaged item will be supplied (shipping expenses will be at the cost of the customer). Damage caused by misuse will not be warranted, misuse would be anything considered (and not limited to) the following:

  • Burns, cuts, accident, vandalism, abuse, negligence, sweat
  • Damage caused by incorrect installation
  • Use of incorrect chemicals, herbicides or pesticides
  • Use of incorrect cleaning methods
  • Use of in-fill products of an incorrect grade or level
  • Normal wear and tear (including Loss of elasticity at the joins from lifting and interchanging over time)
  • Abrasions/ indentations due to use of inappropriate footwear or sports equipment

(Note: High traffic areas are more susceptible to wear and tear and therefore need more attention when it comes to maintenance)


The SMAI Reversible jigsaw mats have a universal fitting system unique to SMAI which allows the user to reverse the colour of any single tile in an arrangement irrespective of the other tiles. This allows you the freedom of not only a quick installation but also the freedom to change your pattern (colour arrangement) quickly and easily. SMAI Reversible jigsaw mats are all double coloured in design so for example if you have a room 200m2 that you need matted you can simply order 200 of the Blue/Red SMAI mat and mat out the space with a colour pattern such as a blue fight area with a red border at your discretion.

  1. Make sure that your surface area is levelled and clean
  2. For the best result unpack your mats and leave them in the area in which they will be installed for a few days so they adjust to the environment as EVA material has the tendency to expand or contract depending on the temperature of the area (this is only evident in the 20mm thickness matting)
  3. Start your pattern from the corner and arrange the mats in the pattern you desire (preferred colour facing upwards) and remove the edging from the mats as needed.
  4. Cut the mats around any obstructions.
  5. Finish off the outer border with the edging
  6. After a few weeks you may need additional cuts if the mats have expansion issues in order to relieve the pressure and return the mats to a flat position (only applicable with 20mm model)
  7. When installed the mats have a slippery protective finish on the outside of the mat this will gradually wear off or can be removed through following the cleaning procedure.