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Three tips to master the mental side of training

Three tips to master the mental side of training

Written by Alan La, founder of Invincible Worldwide.

How do you take everything you do - your training, your life, yourself, to a whole new level?

Titans mindset.

That is the core of high performance. It is fearing mediocrity more than giving it your all. It is the fear of being average, of dying average.

You have to fear mediocrity so much more than you fear working hard.

Too often in our society we're too used to being average. We're too comfortable. Comfort is the road to mediocrity. Moving away from comfort gets you to freedom.

Here are three ways for you to live as a Titan.


You must maintain high standards in yourself and everything you do.

It’s all about high standards in yourself. Every day, when you wake up, aim to look good, feel good. Dress yourself in a way where you’re holding yourself to a high standard.

With your work, the things that you do, your art, your craft, your work, is it to a high standard? Is it world-class standard?

That’s what self-confidence comes from, having high standard in yourself. This will lead to more discipline because you respect yourself.

When you wake up, if you need to wake up early in the morning, you do that. If you need to get your work done, you do that.

If you need to get something done you will do it - because you respect yourself so much. That is the basis of discipline.


The people who surround you are your circle.

If the people you hang around are not taking you to where you want to be, not making you better, then that’s not the right circle.

Hang around people who are motivated. Hang around people who push you. Hang around people who dream bigger.

Your circle is your family and your loved ones too, give everything to that circle and it will give everything to you.


The biggest difference between average people and Titans, is that Titans have big dreams. Dreams that are massive dreams. Dreams that scare them. Dreams are the things that push you.

Think big. Set high goals for yourself.

This will get hard and there will be times when staying in bed is warmer or your muscles are too sore.

Titans go beyond this comfort, they chase a dream all the time.

The biggest tip is to listen to your heart, listen to your soul, you will know when you are not playing at your full potential.

Let’s say at the end of your workout, you have one more rep to go. You have one pullup, one muscle-up, one pushup. You’re at the last stretch.

And this is where your body is literally trembling, and you literally can't give anymore. You can't produce any more energy, any more strength. So at that point, if you finish the workout and walk off with one left to go, how do you feel?

It is all about tapping into an inner strength, tapping into your titan mentality.

Don’t ever leave the workout with that one that you said you were gonna do and you didn't complete it.

Don't ever finish your day saying you’re going to complete all these things, but you don't.

Every single day, make sure you play on that whole other level, because as Titans, we fear mediocrity.

You have to fear being comfortable.

You have to fear being mediocre.

You have to fear being average.


About Alan La

Alan La is a hall-of-famed martial artist, best-selling author, and founder of Invincible Worldwide, who specialises in helping people unlock their physical and mental potential so that they can truly feel in their zone everyday. Invincible Worldwide has become a global movement of 100,000 followers around the world, and over 12 Million views on the Youtube Channel. Today, Alan La and his team empowers people to become physically and mentally extraordinary with his unique Invincible Training Methodologies through online training, live seminars and Invincible HQ training centers.


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