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James Newbury on "finally" qualifying for the Crossfit Games

James Newbury on

SMAI sponsored athlete James Newbury qualified for the Crossfit Games in 2016.  We had a chat to him about training in the lead up to the games.

How does it feel to have qualified for the 2016 crossfit games?

It feels like a weight has been lifted from shoulders. I'm stoked to have finally made it after 5 solid years of trying to get there. I can now enjoy the process of games training and the lead up.

You’ve been working towards qualifying for the games for a few years now – what do you think helped you go to the next level?

I've been trying now for 5 years and I think the big difference was letting go of a lot of responsibility at my affiliate and focusing on training alone. When we first opened the box there was a lot of start up things that needed to be taken care of. Now it's at a point where things are in place for it to continue to operate with me needing to be there from 5:30am until 8:30pm everyday. I've used my time to focus on training and most importantly recovery to give myself the best opportunity possible.

What have you learnt from past competitions that shaped how you approached the 2016 regionals?

I knew I had done the work and just remembering from previous regionals that I just need to be confident in my ability and go out there hurt really bad and it would be enough to get me through.

Between now and the games – how does your training routine look?

Straight after regionals I took a few days off to relax and decompress. Once we kicked back into training I was doing am, noon and pm training sessions and also a large amount of time focusing on the recovery aspects. Now it's more like 2 sessions per day but keeping intensity high and making sure I'm fine tuned. There's not a whole bunch of fitness to be gained between now and the games. 

What are you hoping to achieve at the games?

I think as a competitor I always aim to go out there and win but I want to just leave it all on the floor and I know if I do that the result will be good!

When you look back at the past few years, have there been any big setbacks? How did you get past them?

Last year I tore my patella tendon and it was a big struggle for me but I continue Le to not give up and work around it when needed and work on it when needed. Once it healed up I feel likes it's as strong as ever and has given me the patience I think I need to make sure I spend time on recovery and staying supple.

What was the best advice you were ever given?

Slow is smooth and smooth is fast!

Anything else you’d like to share?

First and foremost I'd love to thank SMAI for the contained support over the last few years and this whole process wouldn't have been possible without great sponsors just like these guys. Everything makes a real difference. I hope to do everyone proud when I compete at the games.

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