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How James Newbury's Mum lifted him to his goals

How James Newbury's Mum lifted him to his goals

In the lead up to Mother's Day, we had a chat to Sponsored Athlete James Newbury about his mum. James is headed to the CrossFit Regionals in Wollongong at the end of this month and as we found out, has a lot to thank his mum for in his career.

Tell us about your mum, what’s her most defining trait?

My mum, where to start. Being 1 of 6 children my mum always needed to be organised. Her incredible ability to organise, and coordinate 6 children's sports, schools and appointment schedules was amazing. Being older now I really appreciate how much went into getting to and from all the places we needed to go. 

What’s your strongest memory of your mum through your sporting years?

The most memorable sporting memory would be mum yelling from the sideline at Friday night rugby league games. No doubt being the loudest in the crowd by far! Mum was straight to the point and was afraid to tell the referee or the oppositions spectators how it was!

How does your mum inspire your work ethic, in the gym and outside of it?

My mum is one of the hardest working people I know. I feel like subconsciously I've learnt a lot about working hard and just sucking it up and getting on with it from her. Also finding the humour in average situations. 

Have you ever gotten your mum into the box doing a WOD?

Not as yet, but.... she might be coming after the regionals this year. These were her words. So fingers crossed. 

Are your family behind your career?

To say the least. My Dad is our GM at both of our CrossFit Gyms and my Brother is in charge of new members and sales. Both of those guys take the brunt of the heavy lifting and give me the time to train, recover and get what I need done. I couldn't thank them enough for the amazing job they do and I wouldn't be in the positions I am today without the full support of my family and friends. 

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