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Rubber Jigsaw Gym Tile - 8mm

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The SMAI Rubber Jigsaw Gym Tile is a seamless flooring solution, meaning no more frustrating gaps between mats. The tiles have a thickness of 8mm and have been tested to meet Australian standards in reference to sports surfaces. This means the tiles are suitable for CrossFit boxes, weight training rooms, powerlifting facilities, cardio rooms – the list goes on.

The SMAI Rubber Jigsaw Gym Tile is easy to install with a durable surface allowing you to use it for indoor and outdoor use. These mats have an anti-fatigue property giving them the potential to cater for workplace environments where people are on their feet for extended periods of time. These rubber gym tiles have been developed to be odour free, shrink free and easy to clean with a damp sponge. Tested and passed for their reaction to fire, the tiles meet the building code of Australian requirements for sports surfaces, meaning you won’t have a problem to get a DA or government contract.

When adding an edge to the mat, please allow for 2.5cm per edge.

Durable – Constructed to last in the toughest of environments, these rubber gym tiles are made for the busiest gyms and workout areas to withstand the daily use you will throw at them. With a one year limited warranty, they can be installed in fitness facilities and gyms across the country.

Exact specifications – SMAI Rubber Jigsaw Tiles offer a seamless flooring solution, meaning no more frustrating gaps between mats.

Safe – Tested to meet the Australian standards in reference to sports surfaces, these tiles are suitable for all commercial applications.

Sound absorbent – With acoustic insulation, these tiles are the ideal addition to any space. Commercial gyms and high traffic areas benefit to create a quieter environment.

Anti-fatigue – Through the use of high quality rubbers and compounds, the quality of the gym tiles won’t falter. This offers maximum comfort under-foot and ensures a safe environment.

Low maintenance – The tiles require little maintenance, simply clean mats with a vacuum cleaner and finish with warm water using a PH-neutral detergent solution.

  • Weight: 8.5kg
  • Size: 1m x 1m x 8mm
  • Composition: Recycled Rubber (from car tyres) and 15% EPDM Fleck
  • Fitting: Jigsaw
  • Colour: Black with Grey EPDM Fleck
  • Edges: Jigsaw
  • Density: 1125kg/cbm
  • Finish: textured (non-slip)
  • Warranty: 12 months


✓ Perfectly 1000mm x 1000mm square

✓ Recycled rubber tyres
✓ Real EPDM rubber specs
✓ Sealed with highest quality European Polyurethane Binder

✓ Non-toxic MDI binding solution in the rubber, reduces smoke and flames
✓ No toxic fumes or odour

✓ SGS ISO 9239-1:2010 Reaction to fire tests for flooring

Fine, even, tightly compressed rubber means:
✓ Even impact absorption
✓ Flat surface
✓ Strong grip to floor beneath
✓ Minimal or no variance in temperature variances


✗ Variants in sizes, uneven angled cuts meaning more wastage during installation

✗ Cheaper production may mean tyres are not recycled properly and contain hazardous metal materials
✗ Sealed with cheap, low quality binder

✗ Toxic carcinogen binding solution in the rubber, which can lead to cancer with exposure
✗ Toxic fumes and bad odour

✗ None or unofficial forged documents

Uneven rubber particles and bigger air pockets means:
✗ Impact surface may falter
✗ Irregular surface
✗ Air pockets likely to contract or expand with temperature variances, causing gaps between mats and increased likelihood of cracks and breakages










1000mm x 1000mm




✓ Recycled Rubber from Car Tyres
✓ Real EPDM Fleck, sealed with highest quality European Polyurethane Binder

✓ Non toxic, no smell


Non-slip rubber

SGS ISO 9239-1:2010 Reaction to fire tests for flooring

Non-toxic MDI binding solution in the rubber, reduces smoke and flames

12 months

1000mm x 1000mm




✓ Recycled Rubber from Car Tyres
✓ Real EPDM Fleck, sealed with highest quality European Polyurethane Binder

✓ Non toxic, no smell


Non-slip rubber

SGS ISO 9239-1:2010 Reaction to fire tests for flooring

Non-toxic MDI binding solution in the rubber, reduces smoke and flames

12 months

1828mm x 1219mm




✓ Filtered Recycled Rubber (Vulcanised)

✓ Non toxic
✗ New mat smell may linger for first few months


Raised checker


12 months


When choosing your rubber flooring, you will need to take into consideration your individual circumstances and environment, including the intended to use the mats, your edging preference, and any council certification requirements.

You may people prefer the interlocking jigsaw for a complete finish, or use the straight edges to line up clients in group classes, or go for the non-porous Stall Mats if you use large amounts of chalk (Crossfit, powerlifting).

Ideal for: Indoor and outdoor use, Commercial gyms and fitness centres, Crossfit Gyms, Weight training rooms, Hotel fitness centres and gyms, Powerlifting facilities, Cardio rooms, Home Garage gyms, Rooftops, Playgrounds, Rock Climbing centres + more

CrossFit Coach and Athlete
2 x CrossFit Games Australian/NZ Regionals competitor and National Level Weightlifter
Owner at CrossFit565

After being around the CrossFit industry since 2010 I have seen the set up and opening of many new affiliates and always pictured my dream CrossFit facility. Choosing the best flooring was always one of the biggest concerns due to a number of reasons like cost, durability, quality, appearance, how easy it is to keep clean etc. I decided that I wouldn’t go the traditional 1m² 15mm rubber mats so I did my research and spoke to Lee at SMAI who mentioned the new Jigsaw flooring that he was stocking. I took a chance without even having a sample and ordered 600m² of jigsaw mat to lay in my new affiliate.

The mats cover the majority of the CrossFit gym. We do all types of exercises on them anywhere from Weightlifting (Clean & Jerk, Snatch and squats) to bodyweight movements (burpees, push ups, sit ups) you name it, we do it. I have seen countless amounts of weights and kettle bells/dumbbells dropped onto the mats with no dints or splits at all to the mats. There are a number of benefits that I have noticed from the jigsaw mats including;

Durability - The floor has held up perfectly, it was quite easy to lay within a few hours and was only laid once with no glue and no bonding adhesive. They have not moved at all for the 2 months we have been operating and we have around 30-40 people come in everyday training flat out.

Quality - The mats absorb anything that is dropped on them and don’t dint or split at all. There is no smell to the rubber when you first lay it which is another benefit to this product.

Appearance - My goal was to make the floor look like it was one complete piece with no joins lines or cracks in the floor. The jigsaw locks together perfectly to create the appearance of the floor being once complete mat, this helps in big classes where people would normally stand along the lines, now there is no lines and joins to put you off while lifting. Also our flooring has small grey specs in the mat which help with the build-up of chalk on the floor throughout the gym. The chalk on the floor is not as noticeable with the grey specs helping the facility look cleaner for longer.

Cleaning - The mats are by far the easiest floor to vacuum and mop saving you loads of time. Due to the jigsaw system dirt and chalk can’t make its ways into the cracks. Another thing is sweat and water on the mats can stain and become slippery. The jigsaw rubber doesn’t absorb the spillage and make it easier to clean. Also the mats don’t get slippery when wet which is a big bonus for safety reasons.

I’m completely satisfied with this product, for the price and quality of the Jigsaw mats I wouldn’t look anywhere else for flooring whether it be for a garage gym, CrossFit Affiliate box or commercial gym facility.

Pickup: Available from our Head Office, 93 Jardine St, Fairy Meadow NSW 2519 Australia. Orders will be available for pick up within 1-2 business days. We will call you to arrange a suitable time.

Shipping Costs: Calculated during checkout, taking into calculation the quantity of items ordered, the weight, and the dimensions.

Dispatch: Within 1-3 business days from our warehouse. Tracking confirmation will be provided by email.

Delivery: 1-6 business days to major cities in Australia via Star Track Express (for satchels, loose cartons and pallets). For larger items or multiple pallets, we use Toll’s general service, which may take longer than our express service.

When you receive your items: Delivery times will be between 9am to 5pm (weekdays only). A signature is required. Please note, if there is no one available to sign for your order, 2nd delivery charges may apply.

Transit Insurance: You need to sign for your goods on delivery in order to be covered by insurance for any theft, damage or loss to your goods during transit. Where written authority has been provided to deliver without signature, any insurance cover will be voided.

Delays: We always try to ensure that your order is delivered in a prompt and timely manner, however, factors outside our control may cause delays. SMAI is not liable for any loss that may occur as a result of such delays.

We offer 14 days returns for change of mind.

To be eligible for a return, your item:

- Must be unused and in the same condition that you received it
- Must be returned within 14 calendar days of receiving the order
- Must be in its original packaging
- Must have the receipt or proof of purchase (please enclose in return)

Items not eligible for return:

- Items on sale / clearance / end of the line
- Requests received after 14 days of receiving your order
- Items used or not in original condition and packaging
- Items with no receipt of purchase

Type of Warranty: Manufacturing Fault

Warranty Period: 12 months

Do Not:

  • Clean with harsh chemicals
  • Incorrectly install
  • Use incorrect chemicals, pesticides or herbicides
  • Use incorrect cleaning methods
  • Store or place any heavy or sharp items on the mat as this may cause a permanent indentation on the surface
  • Bend or fold the mat


  • Burns, cuts, accident, vandalism, abuse, negligence, sweat
  • Abrasions/indentations due to use of inappropriate footwear or sports equipment
  • Minor sizing variances caused by natural temperature variance
  • Normal wear and tear, cosmetic damages, surface scratches


  • The tiles are bound with a Non-Toxic MDI (Polyurethane) binder for your safety and tested
    and approved to ASISO9239.1-2003 Part 1 to meet the BCA (Building code of Australia)
  • High traffic areas are more susceptible to wear and tear and therefore need more attention
    when it comes to maintenance
  • Clean mats with a vacuum cleaner and finish with warm water, damp mop/cloth using a
    PH-neutral detergent solution.


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