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F45 Support


Sales & Enquiries




Expansion Packs

Expansion Class Pack Aug 2018
Please contact above to place an order.


Installation, Maintenance & Warranty

Installation, Maintenance & Warranty Aug 2018

Flooring | Installation - We recommend a professional tradesman for flooring installation

Bench | Assembly Guide

Balance Trainer | Correct Inflation

Pump Set | Warning

Sandbag | Correct Filling

Signage | Installation - We recommend a professional tradesman for wall preparation and signage installation.

Suspension Trainer | Installation

Steel Plyo Box | Top Replacement

Chin Up Bar | Installation - We recommend a professional tradesman for fixtures onto the wall.

Bike V3 | Owner's Manual | Assembly | Brake Bar Repair | Pedal Resistance Maintenance

Bike V2 | Owner's Manual

Bike V1 | Owner's Manual | Parts - Exploded Visual


Warranty Claims

Please ensure you have followed the correct installation and maintenance instructions on all your equipment. If you or your clients have unintentionally damaged the equipment, you can repurchase from this website.

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