Body Pump Sets

A Guide to Body Pump Sets


What is a body pump set?

The SMAI Body Pump Set is a great piece of equipment for those looking to strengthen their muscles and get in shape.  

With a smaller footprint and thinner diameter than the Olympic barbell, this is ideal for smaller homes, aerobic style training, HIIT training group workouts, body pump training classes, or bootcamps. 

The Pump Plates are constructed from high commercial-grade polyurethane, are easy to clean, and are more durable. Tri-Grip handles so you can use them as free weights and add more variation to your workouts. Plates are quickly locked onto the bar with easy lock collars that will not scratch your bar. Solid steel bar with chrome finish and knurling for grip. These high quality, durable weights are a great piece of equipment for anyone looking to get fit and strong. They are easy to use and can be used by people of all ages, sizes and fitness levels.