Slam Balls

SMAI has an extensive range of Slam Balls and Slam Balls storage solutions, all with our 14-day returns policy Slam balls are perfect to be used in commercial gyms in classes for many types of strength and conditioning workouts.

Slam Balls, also referred to as Dead Balls, are constructed of a heavy-duty and durable rubber outer shell filled to weight with sand. The surface of the ball is pliable and tacky, this ensures that the ball is easy to grasp when used in drills. Made with durability in mind, the design is centred around creating a product made to last the throwing and slamming you unleash on them.

What is the difference between a slam ball / dead ball, wall ball and medicine ball?

The slam ball, also known as the dead ball, is a ball filled with sand and weighted to be raised and thrown or slammed onto the ground, producing minimal bounce. Its name, "dead ball", comes from its characteristic of falling flat or "dead". Designed with a robust rubber exterior, the slam ball has a soft, tactile surface for easy handling and holding. Exercises with slam balls often involve raising the ball overhead, holding it to the chest for squats and jumps, and forcefully throwing it to the ground. For such exercises, the non-bouncing nature of the slam ball is essential.

Are slam ball workouts good for you?

Absolutely! Exercise balls are crafted for diverse workouts. Every kind of exercise ball offers versatility, supporting numerous exercises that are applicable across different ball types. A study from the University of Arkansas reveals that training with exercise balls doesn’t just boost core strength; many exercises using these balls encompass whole-body movements. Such comprehensive motions enable a combination of cardiovascular and strength training in a single session.

What are the best Slam Ball Workouts? 

Slam balls can be used for many workouts that you would typically use a medicine ball. Workout movements like side seated side bends, Hip Circles, Lunges and Squats are all common workouts. Read our guide to Slam Ball workouts for a comprehensive guide to slam ball workouts!