Unveiling SMAI's Exquisite Collection of Katanas in Australia

Select Your Ideal Katana Samurai Sword

Discover the full range of katanas & samurai swords available in Australia at SMAI today! Katana is a type of Japanese sword used in Martial Arts Demonstration sword, meticulously hand-crafted from steel and finished with incredible fine detail and decoration, making them beautiful display katana pieces as well. SMAI have the largest range of Japanese samurai swords and ninja sword, otherwise known as Katana. You can shop with the knowledge and trust of a brand with over 35 years of experience and many 5-star reviews for our Katana. We answer some common questions our customers ask about our katana below. Or read our full guide to all the features of different Katana here

Katana FAQ

What type of Katana should I get?

When purchasing a katana, consider the quality of the steel - Look for either Medium Cardon Steel Katana or even better, High Carbon Steel Katana. High carbon steel contains a higher ratio of carbon to iron which results in a stronger, harder and more rigid material. High carbon steel consists of more then 0.6% carbon, while medium carbon will be between 0.3% – 0.6% carbon.

Can you buy swords in australia? 

Generally yes, you can - however each state in Australia has its own rules and regulations regarding knives and swords, and those rules may change over times. We recommend you check your own state authority before purchase. 

Is it legal to own a katana in Australia?

In most states and territories in Australia, Katana are not restricted items. We recommend checking with your local state authority before purchasing. 

How sharp is a katana?

SMAI Katanas ship with a functional blade - meaning they are sharp and suitable for laido practice or light cutting practice. They must be used under strict supervision and essential training. 

How much does a katana weigh?

SMAI Katana weight approx 1.2kg - however, they are forged by hand and each peice may be slightly different.