Boxing Rings

SMAI has an extensive range of Boxing Rings and Boxing Rings Canvas. Perfect for Training and Competition in 5m and 6m.

We stock only high-quality professional grade boxing rings in various sizes including 5m boxing rings, 6m boxing rings and custom boxing rings. 

Competition Boxing Rings

Competition boxing rings sit on a raised platform, elevating the ring floor off the ground to make the fighters more visible for an audience. The platform also functions as a frame and structure for the ring, giving it a presence and stage for the fight. This type of boxing ring is the most common and typical boxing ring. Competition rings are available in different sizes ranging from 5m, 6m boxing rings, and 7m boxing rings. The size refers to the outer edge of the ring platform. The fight area inside the ropes is typically half a metre less then the platform width. 

Floor Boxing Ring

Floor-mounted boxing rings are unique in that they do not sit on top of a platform. The ropes and corner pads sit on a metal frame that rests directly on the floor. SMAI stocks an Australian first folding floor mounted boxing ring, which features a folding frame that allows you to fold and roll away the ring when you need the space. This clever and unique feature creates flexibility in your training space when installing a Competition Boxing ring will occupy too much space. 

What is a boxing ring Canvas?

A boxing ring canvas is a protective surface that is stretched over the top of the boxing ring platform floor. The canvas is a large square that is made from canvas material. The fighters stand directly on the canvas. Canvas is used due to its ability to stretch, creating a tight, trip-free surface that has excellent grip. 

What is a boxing ring made of?

A boxing ring is made from a steel outer frame that supports a platform floor. The platform floor is made of timber panels, which are then covered with an impact absorbing flooring like jig saw mats. A canvas is stretched over the floor to complete the platform. The fight area of a boxing ring is the area inside the boxing ring ropes. The ropes are a steel cable wrapped in padding, under tension between 4 corner posts and corner pads. The boxing ring ropes are tensioned using turnbuckles on the corner posts, which are gradually tightened to provide the tension.