Shields & Pads

SMAI has an extensive range of strike pads & mitts including boxing mitts, focus pads, kickboxing pads, Muay Thai pads, shields and much more.

Shields & Pads FAQs

What are boxing mitts used for?

Boxing mitts are used to enhance conditioning, hone technique, develop hand speed and work on strategic moves that replicate an opponent. 

How to hold mitts for boxing

If you're new to boxing, being behind sparring pads can seem daunting! We recommend teaming up with someone who has experience and doing some boxing mitts training.

Try implementing these tips the next time you're doing boxing exercises with pads:

  • Don't stop your partners punches - "catch" them instead by lightly tapping their glove as they extend their strike.
  • Keep your pad angled slightly forward and down to help your opponent hit the pads with their knuckles and avoid injury. 
  • Get your partner moving - boxing isn't a stationary sport so remember to get your partner moving as they spar.
  • Everyone hits slightly differently so make sure you check in with your partner regularly to ensure you are holding the pads in a way that suits them!

If you're looking for the best boxing mitts to protect your hands during sparring session, the Elite85 is a great choice. With a thick velcro strap for a secure fit, these Boxing Mitts can be used as a boxing pad, a focus mitt or a punching pad. 

How to hold Muay Thai pads 

Holding Muay Thia or mma strike pads is significantly different to holding boxing mitts. Muay Thai pads can be used for a range of strikes including punches, kicks and knee and elbow strikes. To ensure you avoid injury to you and your partner, follow these tips next time you're using Muay Thai pads:

  • Connect your thumb over the top of your index finger when holding the Muay Thai pad handles.
  • Slap your partners strikes lightly but not hard enough that it jams their hit.
  • Keep your partner on their toes and use the pads to tap your opponent as a way of counteracting their strikes.

The best Muay Thai pads for comfort and absorption are the SMAI Elite85 Muay Thai Pads. With a triple studded reinforced handle, extra padding behind the Velcro for comfort, and thick multi-layered foam, they ensure maximum protection.