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SMAI has an extensive range of elite equipment suited to Cross Fit training. From Cross Fit bikes, barbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, rowing machines, exercise bikes and more - shop Cross Fit gear with SMAI to complete your home workout.

What is Cross Fit?

Cross Fit is a type of workout regime that includes a range of different functional movements, all completed at high intensity. By performing a range of different movements in every workout, a Cross Fit workout is effective in constantly increasing your fitness level.

Can Cross Fit build muscle?

Absolutely! Due to the constant range of movements and high-intensity Cross Fit is a workout that will really help you gain muscle definition and get that toned feeling. Not only that, Cross Fit helps build up your endurance, stamina, and mobility.

What is on a Cross Fit equipment list?

With the massive range of functional movements in a Cross Fit workout,
there are quite a few pieces of equipment you’ll need. Here’s a complete list of Cross Fit equipment required to complete the workout at home. For more details on each piece of equipment and the size/weight you’ll need, visit our blog.
  •  Dumbbells
  •  Set of rings
  •  Skipping rope
  •  Plyometric box
  •  Barbell
  •  Bumper plates
  •  Pull up bar

What are the Cross Fit Games?

If you’re a Cross Fit-ter you’ve probably heard of the Cross Fit Games - the ultimate test to find the Fittest Man and Fittest Woman on EarthTM. The Games have been held for more than 14 years and bring athletes from all over the world to compete for the title.

When are the Cross Fit Games?

The Games are an annual event, this year held in the United States from Wednesday, 3rd August to Sunday, 7th August (USA Central Daylight time / GMT-5), spanning over 5 days.

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