Jigsaw Mats

Martial Arts Jigsaw Mats 

SMAI has an extensive range of Jigsaw Mats. Including 2cm, 3cm, and 4cm Jigsaw Mats.

SMAI is the largest distributor in Australia for EVA safety flooring, we offer a range including: Korean, Wacoku and our own jigsaw mats.

Our assortment of jigsaw mats feature a collection of EVA foam jigsaw mats including WT-approved TKD flooring, martial arts jigsaw mats and children's jigsaw puzzle mats. SMAI's jigsaw mats exhibit remarkable versatility, rendering them an ideal flooring solution suitable for an array of spaces, ranging from gyms to household laundries. 

Our jigsaw mats are used by the Australian Federal Police, NSW Police, NSW Corrective Service, Australian Armed Forces and many other premium centres throughout Australia.


Jigsaw Mats FAQs


How do jigsaw mats work?

Jigsaw mats work by interlocking like puzzle pieces to form a cohesive large foam jigsaw mat. When detached, they conveniently adapt to various room layouts. 

If you're planning to buy jigsaw mats, make sure to measure your room to ensure you purchase the right number of flooring pieces to fit into your space.


Are foam puzzle mats safe?

All SMAI jigsaw mats are made from high-quality EVA that has been tested to meet and surpass all international standards. 

The dense foam offers superb cushioning, minimising strain on joints, bones, and muscles during physical tasks.


How do you keep foam puzzle mats together?

In most cases, jigsaw mats will stay in place, however, for added security, try these tips:

  • Purchase a non-slip mat to place under your jigsaw mats
  • Attach non-slip strips or rug grips
  • Adhere double-sided carpet tape
  • Add hook and loop grips or strips


How waterproof are foam mats?

SMAI's EVA foam jigsaw mats possess waterproof qualities, however to prevent potential damage, keep mats indoors and clean water spills immediately.