Resistance Bands

Whether it’s to tone your arms or sculpt your booty - Resistance Bands or power tubes are perfect for any type of home gym strength and conditioning work. One of the most versatile pieces of equipment, resistance bands can be also used in Recovery, Mobility and Strength as well as Conditioning workouts. We have a full range of exercise resistance bands Australian athletes use and trust everyday. 


Resistance bands are elastic exercise bands used for strength training and toning. Due to the elastic used in these exercise bands, they create resistance to push your muscles to the next level.


The resistance and tension that resistance bands provide makes it a little more difficult to engage in basic body movements in your workouts, which means your muscles have to become more engaged. This helps your muscles build strength faster and is a great option for a low impact highly engaging workout. Discover more about the benefits of resistance bands and power bands today. Are you still asking yourself what are resistance bands? Or perhaps what do resistance bands do? Or maybe you even want to know what the best resistance band is for legs, what the best resistance band for glutes is or just how to use resistance bands? SMAI have you covered! Not only do we have the best range of resistance bands in Australia, we have several resistance band how to guides on our blog.


Resistance bands are fantastic for leg day with a number of different ways you can engage every muscle. From a banded monster walk to banded sprints and everything in between, check out our guides to find the best resistance band exercises for legs and other muscle groups.


Not only do we have the best range of resistance bands in Australia, but we also have a selection of bands made from different materials so you can find the best option for your workouts. Discover more about resistance bands, what they’re made of, and what material is best suited to you with SMAI today. We’ve all seen them… just hanging on a hook or draped over equipment, looking more like colourful gym confetti rather than a powerful training tool. Perhaps you’ve even used them to stretch, help with pull-ups or even tie down weights (impressive!!!). However, the benefits and application of powerbands are huge and applicable to everyone. If you want to know what a resistance band is, try our Ultimate Guide to Resistance Bands. In this post we cover off questions like “What is a Resistance Band?”, “What material resistance band should I buy?” and the difference between “Resistance” workouts and “assistance” workouts. We also answer questions like what is the best resistance bands and where to buy resistance bands. One you have covered off the basics – try out our Top 10 most beneficial resistance band workouts blog. In this post, our team discuss the 10 best resistance band for legs exercises and best resistance band for glutes exercises. Finally, our A to Z of resistance bands article is an in depth, detailed look at what are resistance bands, and what do resistance bands do? We cover a full range of resistance band workout exercises, with 15 different ways you can use your bands in both resistance and assistance exercises.