Punching Bags & Accessories

Choosing the Right Punching Bag for You

From free standing punching bags,small punching bags,6ft punching bags, hanging punching bags to water punching bags – we’ve got options for you! Let’s break down each product to find your best option.

Free Standing Punching Bags

Perfect for portability, kicking and punching workouts, free standing bags usually have a round base to maintain their centre point of gravity despite what you throw (or kick) at it. These boxing bags are great for beginners or those who love kickboxing, Muay Thai, and MMA.

Small Punching Bags

Smaller punching bags can come in handy if you’re looking to move them around your gym space. Wall-mounted uppercut bags are a great choice for a smaller boxing bag that can easily be moved around. Once secured on a wall, these smaller, more angular bags are great for fast boxing combinations as they are fixed in place with no movement.

Hanging Punching Bags & 6ft Punching Bags

Our hanging boxing bags are available in a range of sizes depending on what you need. Using durable chain and swivel attachments, hanging bags are ideal for punching workouts that require more movement and space. Depending on the length of the bag, kicking is also a great movement, especially for a 6ft punching bag.

Water Punching Bags

Water punching bags are a great option for traditional striking, replicating the feeling that you would get from striking an opponent. Our water punching bags are extremely durable to prevent leaking and cracking, so you can always get your hit in. They can be safer too – a water bag will be more forgiving if your punch is off angle, reducing the risk of injury. Available in a range of sizes from small 10L to a huge 70L, water bags simulate a heavier, more realistic opponent via their teardrop, water-filled shape to take your boxing training to new heights.

Heavy Punching Bags

Heavy punching bags are designed for Pro or Pro-Am heavy weight fighters who want a bag with minimal give or swing. Designed to absorb every hit and jab, a heavy bag will provide a dead feel impact and improve your striking power. 

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