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Rumble Boxing are an organisation that is passionate about their unique brand image. Having started in New York back in 2017, they were excited to kick things off in Australia. In 2022, they built their gym in Bondi in preparation for their early 2023 launch. They came to SMAI for help creating their custom equipment that helped show off their fun and edgy vibe.


Rumble Boxing offers a fun and exciting way to workout. They run classes that are a fast-paced mix of boxing and resistance training. Their slogan, "10-rounds. 2 Fists" refers to the structure of their classes. They are 45 min, 10-round classes that mix HIIT, metabolic conditioning, boxing and strength training. Rumble Boxing are inclusive and positive, encouraging people of all fitness levels to join a class.


At SMAI, we strive to bring our customers' ideas to life. We were excited to work with Rumble Boxing and turn their strong vision into designs that showed their unique brand culture. We were inspired to create designs that helped Rumble Boxing motivate and engage their members.


One of the custom pieces of equipment SMAI made for Rumble Boxing were their water bags. These bags were made to withstand the intensity of Rumble Boxing's classes. They were designed to recoil and create the feeling that you would get from striking an opponent. These bags are a key part of Rumble Boxing classes and inhabit a major area in the gym.


At SMAI we also designed one of Rumble Boxing's most important pieces of equipment, boxing gloves! We were able to customize these gloves in a range of colors and designs that matched Rumble Boxing's vibe. This helped them to make their brand stand out and add to their unique brand identity. The gloves were also made of high-quality materials to ensure comfort for members.


Dumbbells are a staple piece of equipment for Rumbling Boxing. SMAI made custom dumbbells for their classes that were functional and looked great! The dumbbells had personal designs that fit in with Rumble Boxing's brand image and culture. They played an important role in the unity of Rumble Boxing's brand image.


The Bondi branch was Rumble Boxing’s first franchise in Australia, and it was key that they put their best foot forward. SMAI helped them do this by providing gear that attracts members as they step into a Rumble Boxing class.  This equipment helped Rumble Boxing strengthen their brand image and encourage new sign-ups.

SMAI are proud to help Rumble Boxing achieve their vision of a unique member experience.



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