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Roll Functional, a boutique gym in Woonona, NSW, uses functional fitness as the cornerstone of their training program, incorporating strength and conditioning, gymnastics, weightlifting and endurance into their program. But what separates Roll Functional from other gyms is how they centre community in everything they do.

"We help people feel like they are a part of something special, not just a number. We are more than just a gym; we are a community. A support network. A place where people feel welcome and connected, all while becoming the very best version of themselves mentally and physically. I think for a training facility to be successful, you need to build an amazing community of like-minded people, an inclusive environment and a program that supports everyone's training goals." explained Justin Rolleston, owner and coach of Roll Functional. 



Officially opening in January 2022, Roll Functional has built a strong community of dedicated members in a short period. Justin explained what he believes has contributed to the community they've created. 

"I think the key to building a strong community is making absolutely everyone feel included and feel comfortable about training at our facility. At RF, we incorporate a lot of team sessions into our programming. The team sessions usually consist of groups of 2 - 4 and are picked by the trainer at random, so different fitness levels train with each other. We also have social events outside of just training, which is also a nice way for members to let their hair down and get to know each other." 



Justin also explained why he chose SMAI to fit out a brand new facility and why we are still his go-to for gym gear.

"We chose SMAI because we wanted to go with a locally owned and operated brand, a brand that has stood the test of time. The quality and construction of the products are incredible, as well as the affordability, especially when setting up a new facility."

Check out Roll Functional's website and Instagram to learn more about this member's focused strength and conditioning community. 

Roll Functional is located at 1/502 Princes Hwy, Woonona NSW 2517