Boxing, Kickboxing & MMA Flooring

Are you searching for the right flooring that will help to keep your members safe, help them perform their best, and meet your facility’s compliance requirements? SMAI is here to help! Our mats are not only durable enough to stand up to the toughest activities, but they also give your gym that vibrant visual spice it’s been missing. SMAI Jigsaw Mats are made from high quality EVA foam and have been tested to meet and surpass all international safety standards. All SMAI mats are made in Taiwan, the leaders in EVA jigsaw mat quality and testing control. Our machines are double the size of other manufacturers ensuring precise and consistent width and thickness on all our mats. All SMAI mats passed the impact test of EN1177 with flying colours for their flexibility and elasticity. With our range of different widths and styles, SMAI is bound to have the mat to suit your facility’s needs! Explore our range of mats and flooring now.