5 CrossFit Essentials for Under $50

Article | Josh Scully

So you've finally joined a Crossfit Gym and you want to add those extras to take your training to the next level. Here are five budget items that you can add for a small cost that will help you look the part:


To hit those double-unders you need to have a rope that's been adjusted exactly to your height. With most CrossFit gyms having some skipping ropes on hand you really can't beat the SMAI Cross Training Deluxe Skipping Rope. Constructed with a unique ball bearing design in the handle, it's made to give more speed and a smoother rotation. At less than $20, you won't find a better price for a speed rope!

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Crossfit can be pretty unforgiving on your hands - a few weeks of pullups and you might start losing some skin.  A pair of Palm Savers is a cheap and effective way to protect your hands to make sure you aren't restricted by torn palms when you want to smash your next workout. The SMAI Palm Savers are made from a mix of cotton and lycra and are ergonomic in design so when you wear them they won't inhibit your natural movement.

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CrossFit boasts a huge array of functional movements, the last thing you want when you are working out are shorts that bunch up and restrict you. You need a pair of shorts that are light and flexible - with SMAI's long Men's Shorts ticking all the boxes. With Split side seams for extra movement, these classic shorts will be tough to beat.

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Cheap but super effective, the SMAI Lacrosse Massage Ball is the holy grail of recovery and mobility. Use it to loosen up those knots and roll out those trigger points so you can hit your workout harder than ever. Incredibly versatile, you can use it for everything from your traps to your feet - before and after workouts. Coming in at less than $10 it is an essential piece of fitness equipment for anyone looking to optimise their performance.

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As you collect more and more gear, you'll need a bag to make sure you're not misplacing your kit! This SMAI Fitness Bag is built to handle all your gear and help you keep it organised.

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