7 Tips to Make Your New Years Resolution Stick

Article | Josh Scully

1. Start Now.

Think about your goals over Christmas and in the days leading up to the new year – have a plan in place when Jan 1 hits – and get yourself ready to make the mental shift.

2. Stretch it out.

Whatever your fitness goals – martial arts, Crossfit or contact sports – you’re muscles are going to take a beating. Take the time to focus on your stretching and mobility. You don’t want your resolutions getting derailed by an early injury!

3. Ignore the quick fix.

There’s no 7-day detox plan that will create lasting change. Start with achievable goals and build on them. Lasting change will come from creating healthy habits.

4. Take it home.

It not always possible to get to your gym/box every day of the week.  Keep some gear at home so that when you're busy you can still keep the habit chugging along.
Maybe start with some kettlebells or a core bag - you can use them at home or take them with you.

5. Pace Yourself!

Sounds obvious but you don’t want to go 110% on day one and burn out on day two! If it’s been a while between squats, then you’re body will need a little time to adjust.

6. Share your goals with someone.

Be accountable to someone. Join a crossfit gym, or a boxing/mma class. There are more and more community style gyms popping up - take advantage of the support & accountability that they offer.  On the hard days there’ll be someone to give you that push you need to keep going.

7. Forgive yourself.

Don’t let one slip-up derail your whole resolution. It's not about resetting the clock, you don't have to go back to zero. Adjust your goals based on what your body is telling you and work at maintaining habits of regular activity and healthy eating.