Behind the Scenes at Crossfit JAK

Article | Josh Scully

What separates CrossfitJAK from your regular, run-of-the-mill gym?

The variety in CrossFit, from cardio, gymnastics and weightlifting, creates a challenge like no other fitness program. But what separates it from normal gyms is that everyone that walks through the doors on any given day does the same workout (wod), scaled to their level of fitness.

The interaction between members is where the magic happens; from helping each other on technique, pushing each other to new limits, and more importantly - sustainable friendships outside the gym.

What appeals to you about Crossfit as a fitness regime / philosophy?

The great thing about CrossFit is that you’re always learning and progressing, all performance is tracked (recorded in Wodify system) and every workout has a metric assigned to it - such as completing a task for time, a number of rounds/reps in a set time or record your distance or load for a certain movement. So it is inevitable that you will improve with skills, increase fitness & develop your overall strenth.

For us, and the majority of CrossFit boxes, its helping everyday people like ourselves push their limits and come out the other side feeling better than ever knowing that they’ve put in. As a coach you see a lot of positive changes in people when they’ve been consistent in their training; from the sound of their voice, body language, interaction with other members and their approach to other endeavours in life. CrossFit produces a mental toughness in anyone willing to learn what they're capable of - you're ready for the unknown, whatever life throws at you! 

Can you give us a quick overview of the classes that you offer?

We offer group classes just like every other CrossFit box does.  We also have a weightlifting program with a specialised lifting coach twice a week (free to every member), as well as a yoga/mobility class on a Saturday to roll out those aches and pains from the week and a good chance to have a relaxing chat with the guys. “Open gym” is anytime for all members because we don’t want to limit anyone from training.
We have a bootcamp class programmed to suit anyone new to fitness or returning from time out & is more of a circuit base workout. We also offer child minding at these classes.
Our kids classes are popular amongst our little athletes that are looking to progress in their chosen sport. These classes develop the kids strength, agility, coordination, endurance, stamina & mindset.

Is there a level of fitness someone has to be at to join CrossfitJAK – for someone who’s never done it before, what are your tips for starting out?

No! Everyone and anyone is more than capable of starting the program. However it does require a certain amount of base-strength prior to joining the classes. Our beginners must be able to demonstrate competency or appropriate level of scaling in some basic movements for entry into group classes. For beginners why we have developed our 12 fundamentals program and we have benchmarks set for new members to learn all the movements/skills/starting loads & scaling options ready for entering classes. Our classes can be effectively delivered to assist all athletes to develop their technique, progress in skills & encourage to push their metabolic engine. 

How would you describe the average athlete who works out at CrossfitJAK?

The average athlete at CrossFit JAK is the average guy/girl looking for a program that can help them in everyday life. 
We highly advise anyone looking to add a few years or wanting a challenge that will change their lives to visit their local box to experience why CrossFit people are nutty and passionate about what they do :)

The physical space at CrossfitJAK is a bit different to a lot of crossfit gyms – what have you done differently (with equipment etc) to make the space work for you?
We didn’t have much space to work with so we just started with the nuts and bolts of CrossFit - rig, barbells, plates, plyo boxes, Kettlebells, dumbbells and a few rowers at the start. As the clientele grew we added some ropes, rings, a few more rowers, a top-up of barbells, plates, kettlebells, boxes and a few air dynes. Recently we added peg boards to keep all our members on their toes.

Over time we’ve slowly turned our little space to a fully functional CrossFit box. We’re very meticulous of our pack up and clean up process due to our space it only takes a few pieces of equipment out on the floor and it can seem packed and cluttered. I feel like we’ve done well with what we have, wouldn’t mind a bigger space though :)

CrossfitJAK are based in Wollongong - check them out here or on Facebook.