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Unleashing Potential: The Story of Matt Fiddes Martial Arts’s Success, and how you can join the movement and benefit from an exclusive offer to SMAI subscribers worth $5000!

In the competitive world of martial arts clubs, one brand has made waves in the industry: Matt Fiddes Martial Arts. SMAI is proud to supply the brand with an extensive range of custom branded gear - From student and instructor uniforms & belts, to targets shields & more, SMAI is delighted to help Matt Fiddes meet is branding goals.

The Matt Fiddes brand is a master class in accessibility and inclusivity - programs range from Kinder Matts, nurturing toddlers through martial arts fundamentals, to tailored classes for all ages and needs, including the pioneering Ladies Only Kickboxing programme. A story of growth and success, we spoke with Ryan Canavan, Co-Director and Master Franchisor about what brings success to the Matt Fiddes brand, their plans for growth and an attractive offer new franchisees.

The Back Story

The Matt Fiddes brand started in 1997. Matt, aged 18, with a budget just $200 opened his first martial arts school in a small town in the UK.  Through the implementation business systems he had studied leading up to his launch, the school quickly rose to 700 students, making it the largest in the UK at the time. The success of the school brought international recognition and as a result saw Matt become the personal bodyguard and close friend of the late Michael Jackson and celebrity trainer to a number of other celebrities throughout the UK. Twenty years on, the Matt Fiddes brand has become the largest of its kind in the world with over 1500 locations across the globe, 65 of which are located here in Australia. It is the brands unique blend of life skills education and structured martial arts syllabus that has allowed it to successfully build credible and highly profitable martial arts businesses. What makes the Matt Fiddes program such an attractive business opportunity is its tried and tested systems, flexible time commitment options, low buy in and overheads and a support team dedicated to owner success.”

The secret to success and growth

When it comes to fostering a successful franchise brand, Ryan told SMAI that the “Business model consists of tried and tested systems backed with up to date technologies that assist with day to day operations and efficiency. Over the past 10 years, 80% of  business growth has been attributed to internal expansion. The brand has a strong internal growth model that allows franchisees to expand in multiple locations. “

Matt Fiddes Martial Arts is a brand with significant growth plans. Ryan explains that “The Australian Matt Fiddes group currently consists of 16 owners sharing 65 locations mostly based in Queensland. Although it does have schools based in NSW and Vic and planned launches in WA later in 2024, it's plans are to expand deeper into these states. Due to the Matt Fiddes business internal growth model, franchisees have the ability to cover multiple territories in a region, making a 7 figure business network a genuine opportunity.”


Custom Branded Martial Arts Gear

The Matt Fiddes brand places high value on custom branded gear, such as instructor uniforms, student uniform, and grading belts.

Ryan explained to SMAI "With new member acquisition at over 5000 per month, the Matt Fiddes group rely heavily on branding and merchandise partners to support the needs of the franchisees and their clients. Companies such as SMAI play an integral role in the support of the branding and merchandise needs of the brand. SMAI produce branded quality uniforms, safety equipment and accessories to the group giving franchise owners brand integrity and the students confidence in safety and a sense of belonging.”


Exclusive offer to SMAI Subscribers - a $5000 bonus!

Matt Fiddes believes strongly in the strength of the brand, and the success and growth opportunities for new franchises. As a special offer to SMAI subscribers and readers, the team at Matt Fiddes are offering a $5000 bonus.

To be eligible for $5000 cash, simply refer a successful franchise candidate to Matt Fiddes, or if you are interested yourself, we will make a dollar for dollar marketing spend match up to $5000 for anyone who uptakes a franchise territory.

Getting started on the offer is so simple – just text 0419 316 000 MF + (Your Location of Interest) to see if your territory is available.

Or, head on over to the Matt Fiddes website and fill out their contact form!


Offer Terms & Conditions
*Offer is made by Matt Fiddes Martial Arts. For full terms and conditions please contact the team at Matt Fiddes Martial Arts