How Savvy get the ultimate gym workout – without the gym.

Article | Andy Homan

With winter approaching we had a chat this week to outdoor-fitness professionals; Savvy Fitness!

Savvy Fitness offer a variety of group training classes in an outdoor environment as an alternative to training at the gym.

"If you use the right equipment, you can get the same benefits outdoors that you would in a gym; but with increased mental stimulation, sunshine and vitamin D consumption."

"We're also big on group training, we've seen that it provides great physical & mental benefits to participants including camaraderie amongst participants, a higher endorphin output & increased performance."

Want to get the effect of a gym workout, outdoors? Here are two Savvy workouts to get you started:


Focus: Muscular endurance and building lean muscle mass. A higher number of sets and repetitions generally promotes a hypertrophic (muscle growth) response and improvements in muscular endurance. This workout also covers all of the body’s major muscle groups, leading to a more balanced physique and improving overall physical performance.

15min set
Station to station continuously, everything x 12
Every 3 minutes hold a Plank for 30 sec
  1. Barbell Squat
  2. Dumbbell Row
  3. Bodyweight Crunch
  4. Dead Ball Slam
  5. Kettlebell Deadlift
  6. Bodyweight Pushup



Focus: The specific work to rest ratio used in this session elicits both a muscular strength/endurance and cardiovascular response from the body.  A session such as this leads to a higher resting metabolism several hours post workout, meaning your body is burning calories at an elevated rate well after the workout is finished!

7 rounds, each as fast as possible:
  1. 200-meter sprint
  2. 10 Dumbbell Thruster
  3. 10 Core Bag Clean
  4. 10 Burpee  
  5. 10 Sit ups
90secs rest between sets

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