Jake Douglas - 5 Training Tips for the Busy Dads

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Life as a dad is undoubtedly rewarding, but it can also be incredibly busy and demanding. Amidst the juggling act of work, family responsibilities, and daily chores, finding time for personal fitness might seem like an impossible task. However, staying healthy and active is crucial for your well-being and ability to keep up with your energetic kids.

We caught up with Jake Douglas, a dedicated father of two and a skilled SMAI CrossFit athlete. He shared 5 valuable training tips for busy dads.

  • Make the Time
  • You’ll never find the time if you don't MAKE the time. Prioritise your health and fitness. Schedule in your gym time like you would a meeting or a job. Taking the time for yourself in the moment is sometimes hard but long term health and fitness is something you can’t  put a price on.

  • Let go of Perfectionism 
  • Most of the time it's less than ideal. Maybe you are stressed, you have sick kids, you worked late, whatever the variable, do what you can with what you have. It's NEVER ideal but choosing to do something, anything when time allows is still more then you would have done otherwise. Banking sessions when possible means that when things really dont work out you have fitness in the bank.

  • Involve the Kids
  • When push comes to shove even something as simple as a walk is so beneficial on so many levels. Maybe you can't fit the gym or a run in. But you can go for a walk, bring the kids. Maybe take them to the park and make sure you are moving for the whole time they are playing. ANY movement is beneficial.

  • Use the ‘bro code’
  • Get some buddies together and build healthy habits. Getting some buddies involved and keen will help you when you're not motivated. Get a group chat set times and keep each other accountable. 

  • Everything in Moderation
  • Don’t go all in. Start with a few times a week. Then if you want you can build. But you DON'T need to exercise every day for hours on end. Just do something 2-3 times a week. It really doesn't matter what that something is. Just make it enjoyable. That way you will keep showing up. That magic pill isn't a specific exercise or training method. IT'S CONSISTENCY. 

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    Happy Father's Day from Team SMAI!