Matt Fiddes Martial Arts teams up with KYUP! Project for community impact

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SMAI is a proud supporter of the KYUP! Project, a not for profit that uses martial arts principles to build self-worth and self-defence skills for young Australians.

SMAI recently put the call out to the Australian martial arts community to get involved in the KYUP! project. Today we are excited to announce that Matt Fiddes Martial Arts (MF) has committed 25 of their senior female martial artists to join the KYUP! Project & program. Plus the MF team have committed a $5000 donation to the KYUP! Project for every new franchise region that is opened. 


Mel Thomas, KYUP!’s founder and CEO is thrilled to collaborate with Matt Fiddess,


“By collaborating with Matt Fiddes and his team of dedicated instructors, KYUP! gains access to a network of experienced martial artists who share the core value of helping others through martial arts. This partnership allows us to extend our educational programs to a wider audience, specifically targeting young women who may benefit from self-defence training and developing a strong sense of self-worth.”

-        Mel Thomas, KYUP! Founder and CEO



Matt Fiddes Martial Arts is one of Australia’s premier martial arts organisations, and we are excited to announce this major partnership and momentous commitment from the MF team.


Matt Fiddes Managing Director, Samantha Wier spoke to the SMAI team about why they chose to commit to KYUP! Project.


“MF has committed the majority of its female black belt instructors to become educators for KYUP! We feel the message of KYUP! is an important one that all students need to hear.”

-        Samantha Weir, MF Managing Director (Middle)



Matt Fiddes has partnered with KYUP! to help them in their quest to change the lives of young women by teaching them self defence and self worth skills. 


"KYUP! has a huge amount of influence in its ability to reach young women all over Australia to educate students on what domestic violence is, teaching lessons that have the power to change the lives of the students who learn them. Both MF and KYUP! are dedicated to creating change and this is why we wanted to be a part of the KYUP! movement.”

-         Samantha Weir, MF Managing Director



The KYUP! Project is excited to get started working together with Matt Fiddess to help bring this change to the community. 


“We are eager to come together, establish effective strategies, and work collectively to make a tangible difference. The spirit of self-worth and self-defense that drives our partnership is a catalyst for empowering women and girls, and we are excited about the positive change we can bring to our respective areas. By combining our resources, expertise, and shared vision, we are confident that we can create a lasting impact and help more young women discover their inner strength and worth.”

-          Mel Thomas, KYUP! Founder and CEO



About MF

MF launched their first school in 2007 and have since grown across three states in Australia. Their curriculum is designed to combine martial arts with valuable life skills for children and adults alike. MF is passionate about providing a place where everyone can learn in a safe, friendly and  fun-filled environment. 


“The vision of MF is to have a positive impact on the community through teaching self-defence and important life skills such as discipline and self-control. It’s skills such as these that play a preventative role in combatting violence later in life.”

-        Samantha Weir, MF Managing Director



 How to support KYUP! project

If you believe your martial arts organisation or club has the potential to offer community support via the KYUP! Project, get in touch today.


Mel Thomas

Founder & Managing Director, KYUP! Project


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