QLD boxer Jessica Cashman is a champion mum.

Article | James Utai-Cairns

Jessica Cashman is a QLD and Golden Gloves boxing champion, who is well on her way to qualifying for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in 2018. Accomplished in the ring, her two biggest achievements are her boys, Israel, 8 and Caesar, 5. We caught up with the champion single mum, to ask how she managed her training schedule and who inspires her.

You train five hours a day, that’s crazy. How do you manage training so hard whilst balancing work and family life?

It really is a juggling act. Each morning I get up, drop the kids at school, train, work, pick up the kids and then train or work again. It can get tough at times but I always remind myself that my boys also make a sacrifice, with giving their time and helping me out.

As a single mum, there is no one to rely on. Luckily my work allows me to micromanage my time. I teach boxing and latin dancing, with one-on-one’s and group sessions. (Jess’s Session Times below). I end up working about the same hours as I train but I live a humble life, I just love spending time with my boys.

You’re an inspiration yourself, but who would you say has been an influential figure for you?

It really would have to be my father. From a very young age he instilled very strong values in me, especially the desire to strive for goals. He would say that if I didn’t get something, I didn’t want it enough.

He served in the Air Force for 20 years but was medically discharged. He unfortunately has been diagnosed with blood cancer, but it doesn’t stop him. A symptom of his condition is that he has brittle bones, which meant he had to have a hip replacement. The same day he was up out of his bed walking out of the hospital, he is so tough. It gives me perspective, my problems really seem like nothing when my legend of a dad is being so strong through so much.

My boys give me motivation too. Some days it is hard to get out of bed, especially when you are sore. I think of my dad, but I also think that I can’t let my boys down by not setting the right example. I am always doing it for them.


Jessica's Class Times

Monday and Wednesday 9:30am: Boxing + strength and conditioning $4.

Carole Park School Hall

Monday and Wednesday 3:30pm: Kids class. Primary school age. Movement, coordination, skill and focus. $4.

Carole Park School Hall

Fridays 4-7pm:
Open boxing session, simulated fighters training. $5.

Just Sports and Fitness Redbank

Friday 7-8pm:
Salsa class. $5

Just Sports and Fitness Redbank