SMAI fully supportive of changes to Combat Sports Authority regulation

Article | James Utai-Cairns

The public and combat community has welcomed a review of existing legislation by the NSW Combat Sports Authority. This review has been sparked by a Coronial Request into the death of David Browne in a 2015 boxing match.

In June 2017 the coroner found the fight should have been stopped in the 11th round while better training for officials and medical staff should be implemented.

SMAI has been involved in combat sport for over 30 years, both in Australia and internationally. The company wishes to declare its full support for any changes to the Combat Sports Act 2013 which will help to increase the safety of combatants across all combat sports and prevent further horrible tragedies.

“You only get one brain and the focus on concussion in recent years is a massive step in the right direction for not just combat sports, but all contact sports that involve collision” said James Cairns, Sponsorship and Marketing Manager at SMAI.

“Boxing is a part of Australia’s sporting fabric and MMA is still surging in popularity. It is important that the organisations around these sports match this growth with increased professionalism and specific training for officials, trainers and fighters.”

The Combat Sports Authority has conducted forums and is taking online submissions now. You can have your say here.