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The top 10 most beneficial resistance band workouts

The top 10 most beneficial resistance band workouts

We’ve all seen them… just hanging on a hook or draped over equipment, looking more like colourful gym confetti rather than a powerful training tool. Perhaps you’ve even used them to stretch, help with pull-ups or even tie down weights (impressive!!!). However, the benefits and application of resistance bands are huge and applicable to everyone.

1. Straight Leg Raise


  • Lie on your back, loop the band around one foot and hold the other end with your hands.
  • Pull that leg to vertical position and hold


  • Lift your free leg from the ground to vertical position to meet your leg you are holding with the band
  • Once your legs meet, dip the free leg back to the ground and repeat.

2. assisted push up


  • Loop the band over a suspended hook or gym rig. Ensure the suspension point is secure and will take the weight of the exercise.
  • Pull the band over your head and pull down to your waist level, then lower yourself to the ground in a push up position.


  • Complete push ups with hands open faced on ground, hands at shoulder width push up until your arms are fully extended
  • Keep knees raised off ground, supporting yourself on your toes.



  • Loop the band over a stable chin up bar
  • Pull the band down and hook under one foot, then place over your second foot and cross your feet to lock your legs in position.
  • Hands holding the pull up bar


  • Pull your body up from your arms, raising until your chin passes the pull up bar, then lowering to the ground
  • Keep your legs locked together by keeping your feet crossed and the resistance band looped under your feet



  • Hook the band under each foot, and spread your feet apart to shoulder width
  • Hold the band in each hand, elbows bent, at the side of your body to make a rectangle shape.
  • Now cross your hands over each other to create two triangle shapes to finish the setup


  • Hold your arms in the bent position, and step sideways one foot at a time  



  • Hook the band under each foot, stand up tall and place your feet at shoulder width apart
  • Pull the band up over your head are rest it on your shoulders (Tip: Do not hook the band around your neck, ensure it rests on your shoulders)
  • Hold the band with bent arms


  • Starting from standing position, bend from the hips with straight legs, straight back to a comfortable height, then return to full standing position. Repeat.



  • Hold the band in your hands, arms at chest height extended in front of your chest
  • Allow a 15cm loop of the band to extend to the outside of your grip of each hand


  • With arms straight and elbows locked, pull your arms out to the side of your body and chest height
  • Return your arms to be outstretched in front of your chest, then repeat
  • Ensure your arms stay straight and at chest height during the exercise.

7. Paloff Press


  • Loop the resistance band around a pole or gym rig and hold the other end of the band with both hands
  • Bend your arms at the elbow, claps your hands together with the band held tight
  • Bend knees slightly for stability


  • Push your arms out in front of your chest, hands remain clasped together.
  • Once full extension is reached, pull your arms back into your chest, arms bent at the elbows.
  • Repeat the extension and pull back into chest



  • Loop the resistance band around a pole or gym rig and hold the other end of the band with both hands
  • Loop the other end over your head and pull down to your waist.
  • Stand side on to the pole legs wide apart for stability, knees slightly bent.
  • Clasp your hands together for added balance.


  • Step to the side, away from the pole, in a crab walk, one foot at a time
  • Take 3-4 steps before pausing and returning to the start position. Do not over extend the band 3-4 side steps is sufficient
  • Repeat the exercise.

9. band assisted squat


  • Ask a training partner to help you setup this exercise. You will need two matching resistance bands with the same resistance level
  • Loop each band over a suspended weights rig bar.
  • Next, hook the loose end of each band under the bar bell ends.
  • Stand up tall with the barbell over your shoulders behind your head


  • Keeping your back straight squat down bending at the knees.
  • Push from the legs keeping straight back to return to full standing position. Repeat
  • Ask your training partner to assist when finishing the exercise.

10. banded SPRINTS


  • Loop one end of the band around a pole or gym rig
  • Loop the other end over your head and down around your waist
  • Turn to face away from the pole in a running start position


  • Start running against the band, knees high in a sprint technique
  • Allow the resistance of the band find the distance that keeps your sprinting on the spot
  • Do not over extend the band

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