Top 11 Types of Equipment You Need to Start a New Gym

Article | TEAM SMAI


To attract loyal customers, one of the first steps is to equip your gym with good quality and affordable equipment. Here are the top 11 types of equipment that we recommend for a successful gym:

1. Cardio Machines

Cardio machines are essential in any gym because they provide clients with a low-impact way to improve cardiovascular health and burn calories. Purchasing a variety of cardio machines for your gym is going to add value to your space and encourage people to sign up.

The Air Ski Machine is an essential tool for cardiovascular training for all ages and workout levels. The machine is ideal for clients with joint pain as it simulates the movements used in Cross Country Skiing with minimal impact on your joints. It is also a great machine for all fitness levels with comfortable moulded handles and adjustable air settings on the damper to change resistance to the required preference.
Another great cardio machine is the air fit bike. The SMAI AirFit Bike 2.0 has been carefully crafted to offer you and your clients the absolute best air resistance bike available. Featuring easy adjustment options and a new handlebar configuration the AirFit Bike 2.0 is designed to challenge the toughest athletes. With the specific ability to target your upper and lower body, the air bike is the perfect addition to any space.

The Air Rower is an essential tool for cardiovascular training for all ages and workout levels. The rower simulates the movements used in rowing with minimal impact on your joints. It offers a wide range of progams to provide your members with a variety of workouts.

Finally, we recommend investing in an Air Spin Bike. Using the same flywheel technology as the Air Rower and Air Ski Machine, the Air Spin bike is a smooth, quiet ride. The flywheel is fully adjustable to control the resistance intensity of your workout. With the option to choose pre-programmed workouts or set your own calorie or distance targets, it is a perfect way for members to reach their goals. 

2. Racks/Rigs

Racks and rigs are crucial in a gym because they provide a safe and secure place to perform weightlifting exercises, allowing members to push their limits while reducing the risk of injury. They also offer a versatile platform for a range of strength training activities, accommodating various weights, barbells, and accessories. This makes them a valuable tool for building strength and muscle mass.

3. Weight Plates

Weight plates are an essential component of a gym because they allow individuals to customize the amount of resistance they use during weightlifting exercises. Weight plates also provide a versatile range of weight options, accommodating various fitness levels and goals
It is best to purchase a range of different weights when shopping for weight plates as this gives members more flexibility during their workouts. We recommend purchasing weight plates as light as 1.25kg up to 25kg. 

4. Barbells

Barbells accompany weight plates as a supportive bar for the weights. The most common weight of a barbell is 20kg and is usually 220cm long. Barbells can range in weight and length depending on the activity so it is important to keep this in mind when choosing what barbells you need for your gym. 

5. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are a versatile tool used for resistance training, allowing individuals to perform a wide range of exercises that target various muscle groups, enhancing strength, endurance, and flexibility. It is key that a gym have a range of different weight dumbbells to provide all customers variety for their workouts. 

6. Kettlebells 

Kettlebells are used for strength and conditioning, improving functional fitness, enhancing grip strength, and engaging multiple muscle groups simultaneously. They are a key piece of equipment for a variety of exercise. 

7. Benches 

Having benches in a gym is important because they provide a versatile and functional space for a variety of exercises. It is great to have a range of different benches as they offer different workout options. 

A FID (flat, incline, decline) bench provides raised and flat bench positions as well as extending to a decline position that works a different muscle set. Having these benches is a great way to ensure maximum workout options for members.
Flat benches are a staple and provide a heavy duty platform for members to do an extensive range of functional exercises with heavy weights. 

8. Slam Balls

Slam balls are a great piece of equipment as they are simple to train with and are great for improving muscle mass. Slam balls predominantly work your upper body and core muscles so they are a great addition to any upper-body workout routine. 

9. Stretching and Mobility Equipment 

Stretching and mobility exercises are important in reducing the risk of injury associated with exercising. Making sure you are well stocked with mats, foam rollers and resistance bands is the best way to help your members reduce the chance of injury. 


10. Storage 

Storage is one of the most important items you should consider purchasing when fitting out your space. Maximising space is going to give members more room to workout. Making sure you have proper storage for all equipment also reduces the risk of trips and falls caused by equipment left laying around.
Equipment such as slam balls, dumbbells, kettlebells and stretching and mobility equipment often have specific storage options available for purchase in a package. It is best to buy a compatible storage option for your equipment as not all racks and shelves are built with the capacity to hold heavy weights.

11. Flooring

Having high quality flooring is going to make your life a lot easier when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your space. Well designed flooring will make your gym overall easier to maintain by reducing odor, making it easier to clean and reducing the harbouring of bacteria. Durable flooring will also keep up with a heavy flow of traffic and protect members from injury.