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Five Tips to Survive the AirFit Bike

Five Tips to Survive the AirFit Bike

There is no easy way to say this…it’s going to hurt!!! Its probably going to hurt a lot…and more than likely you’re going to love it, or at least the end result.

The AirFit is a fan-based stationary bike that incorporates both upper and lower body movement; where resistance is dictated by the pace (i.e. the more power or faster you push the greater the resistance). Air bikes have become a main stay in the Strength and Conditioning world and are prevalent in many performance based gyms.

What they offer is a brutally efficient, whole body, off-feet conditioning option that can be used to train multiple energy systems, increase power output and capacity and are very handy for rehab based conditioning. In the world of CrossFit, Air Bikes are as common as barbells and it is essential for athletes to master them in order to do well.

There is no ‘one right way’ to use the AirFit bike (due to body type variations) but there are several ways you can improve your efficiency to maximise your speed and power.

1. Bike Set-up: Take the time before you start to adjust the height and orientation of the seat, it’s very easy to do with the AirFit Bike and can put you in a much more mechanically advantageous position.

Legs should be only slightly bent at the bottom position on the pedals and arms not too over-extended when handles are furthest from the body.

2. Elbows and knees in: No need to flare the arms out, as you’re in a much weaker position mechanically. Keep things close and streamlined. Think of your arms and legs as pistons, going back and forward methodically and quickly.

3. Stable trunk: If you’re shaking all over the place and you’re twisting and bobbing up and down you are

  1. leaking a lot of extra power and energy and
  2. probably looking like a muppet!

    Stay tight through your midline, resist the urge to rotate your torso and instead transfer all the head bobbing and hip shaking into your arms and legs.

    You’ll be surprised at how much extra power and energy you’ll save.

    Bruce Air Fit Form

    4. Breath: Seems stupid but it is often overlooked, even on those more intense conditioning sets. Unless you’re in a full-blown, 110% sprint, breathing should still be considered.

    Exhaling is just as important as inhaling and should be fluid and natural and can really help your body deal with the lactic build up (to a certain point).

    Plus, last time I checked oxygen was kind of a big deal.

    5. Legs + Arms: I too often see athletes pumping their legs trying to get the pedals to turn faster to churn out those metres/calories, meanwhile their arms are just hanging on for the ride.

    It’s not quite a 50/50 split but by using your arms (pushing + pulling) you can get the fan turning way faster and you’re also saving your legs from doing ALL the work.


    Bruce Smith-Wright

    Exercise Physiologist

    Athletic Development Coach

    BaiMed Performance  


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