Competition Plates

With a new intricate rubber recipe and nickel-plated steel disc centre, these competition bumper plates give a ‘dead-blow’ effect when dropped from overhead. This capitalises on safety for those using the equipment and to those near, meaning you don’t have to worry about bars spraying left, right and centre. The protective rubber flanges allow for easy handling and more surface area for point-of-impact.

With each plate coming with raised lettering and finished in a matte texture coat to enable a secure grip, the bumper plates are finished in a true IWF colour scheme. Each plate will slide onto all IWF and SMAI barbells smoothly and firmly with the collar opening precisely sitting at 50.4mm in diameter allowing for minimal slop and movement.

Why do Competition Weightlifting Bumper Plates Cost more?

Competition bumper plates command a higher price point than standard HD bumper plates. Here's why:

    • Unmatched Precision:

       Competition plates adhere to a remarkably strict weight tolerance of +/- 10 grams. This means a 25 kg plate can only deviate by a mere 0.04% from its stated weight, a standard crucial for competitive weightlifting where every gram matters.
    • Manufacturing Complexity:

       Achieving such a tight weight tolerance requires meticulous manufacturing processes and premium materials. These factors contribute to a significantly higher production cost compared to HD bumper plates.
    • Superior Performance:

      Competition plates boast consistent weight across the set. This precision engineering is particularly essential in the dynamic environment of competitive weightlifting.

In essence, competition bumper plates are expertly crafted to an elite standard, offering unparalleled accuracy and reliable performance. This superior quality justifies the premium investment for serious lifters.