Boxing Gloves Sizing

Boxing Glove Sizing Guide

SMAI boxing gloves, unless specified as ‘Kids’, are all intended for adult use. Unless you have an exceptionally large hand circumference (greater than 9.5”) you should be able to comfortably insert your hand with wrap into any SMAI boxing gloves. When considering boxing gloves, you should be purchasing according to your intended use case. We recommend the use of hand wraps or quick wraps with all gloves. Not only do they provide protection and stability, they can provide additional width in the glove, if you find your glove is a little big for your hand. With this method, you can select the appropriate glove weight for your activity, and use wraps to get optimal fit. 

Choose glove weight for right use + hand wraps = The Perfect Fit & Glove

How to choose the right boxing glove?

Generally we recommend heavier gloves for sparring and general training / Cardio (16oz), a medium weight for bag training, drilling and pad work (14-12oz), and a lighter weight for competition (10oz& 8oz). Use case should be the primary selection criteria. Heavier gloves contain more padding then lighter gloves, while the sizing stays relatively similar. 

 Glove Weight Use Type
8oz Competition
10oz Competition
12oz Bag Training, Drills & Pad Work
14oz Bag Training, Drills & Pad Work
16oz General Training and Cardio Work

However there are slight size differences between heavier and lighter gloves to allow the extra weight. Heavier weight will result in a slightly larger glove size, a lighter glove will result in a slightly smaller glove size. 

If you are very light and smaller, for example, you may wish to opt for a 14oz over a 16oz for general training (and use hand wraps for 

The Gloves are labelled as 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz,16oz which is a reference to the actual weight of the boxing glove.  Conversion of the ounces to grams is as follows:

8oz – 226.8grams

10oz – 283.5grams

12oz – 340.2grams

14oz – 396.9grams

16oz – 453.6grams


Still Unsure?  

We recommend selecting glove weight based on your use type (General / Cardio, Bag Training, pad work, sparring, competition etc). However if you are still unsure, you may use the weight table below for a rough guide and estimate if you are unsure of your use type, or if you believe you have non-typical hand sizes (very small or very large). 

 Glove Weight Body Weight (KG)
8oz 45 and under
10oz 45 - 54 
12oz 55 - 70
14oz 71 - 85 
16oz 86 and over 


You may also want to use Hand Wraps or Quick Wrap to help protect your hands and wrists from injuries.

If you’re still unsure, check out our blog How to Choose the Right Size Boxing Gloves.