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Georgia Pryer, known as “G” by her friends, is an incredibly hard working and talented CrossFit athlete. She trains at Snake Athletic in Tamworth alongside her long time friend, Jake Douglas. Georgia has quickly climbed the crossfit rankings over the past 2 years, emerging as a formidable contender heading into the 2024 season.

Georgia’s most recent achievement was her incredible 7th place in the 2023 Torian Pro. She overcame challenge after challenge with resilience and determination. 

“I feel super proud of my 7th place at Torian, I am certainly grateful for the lifestyle I get to lead to achieve certain goals like this!” 

She truly stood out in Test 6, emerging as the sole athlete to conquer the workout within her heat!


Georgia began her fitness journey at the age of 6 when she started gymnastics at her local club. Her natural talent paired with hours of hard work saw her competing at state and national championships multiple times throughout her 11 years of training. It wasn’t until 2017 that she began to the transition from gymnastics to the  CrossFit world.

“I got into CrossFit because my best friend and other friends who were ex gymnasts had joined up so it made sense to join my friends in a sport they loved!”

Pryer’s hours of dedication to improving her gymnastic skills were not put to waste when she chose to move on to Crossfit. Instead they helped her pick up on a lot of CrossFit movements quickly. 

“The transition from gymnastics to CrossFit was pretty straight forward in the body weight/skill aspect because a lot of the movements involved in CrossFit were things we did everyday in gymnastics (mostly just strict variations) so having a solid foundation of body weight strength and body awareness was super helpful in picking up the gymnastics elements of CrossFit - as for everything else like weightlifting and cardio, these were super new movement’s to me so it was always fun knowing there’s something to be better at, and that still stands true to this day!”

In the 6 years since G started CrossFit, the people around her have been her constant motivation. 

“My why.. Is of course wanting to be better and exceed my own expectations- but ultimately it's the people I get to do this sport with, my friends who like to compete and those weekend warriors who just love to hit some fitness together.. I would be nothing without my team and those who support me everyday, they believe in me more than I believe in myself sometimes! They truly do make all the difference!”

At just 24 years old, Georgia is currently ranked 5th in Oceania and her career as a CrossFit athlete is just getting started.

“Currently I'm training for the DownUnder CrossFit Champs, the qualifiers recently ended and I placed 17th leading into this comp so I'm super excited about the work that needs to be done and the experience in another big comp, DUCC was so so much fun last year I can't wait to do it again, and this time with a few more girls from my gym, I can't wait to watch them experience something I feel is a really special achievement!

Georgia isn’t slowing down, she’s as dedicated and driven as ever to reach her goals.

I would love to place top 10 in this years DUCC, it's always a strong field of girls as we know so it will be a tough challenge! Goals for next season, as always for me are to out do the previous year, I want to feel and be better as every year passes - the ultimate goal being to experience the worlds biggest CrossFit stage at the games.”


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